Published Mar 8th, 2013

By Avenue Staff

Best Restaurants: Best New Restaurant

Edmontonians are always hungry for new restaurants but which ones made a lasting impression?

Three Boars impresses patrons with fresh ingredients and unique pairings.
Three Boars impresses patrons with fresh ingredients and unique pairings.


A meal at Three Boars is what you would expect of an autumn dinner with your trendy Amish neighbours. Your orders are set on platters from which the group can pick off their food, and the ingredients come straight from the field: Beef cheek, lentils, squash, quail, brussels sprouts, duck, oxtail. If the food was any fresher, you could have a conversation with it. And it’s conversation that’s made Three Boars as popular as a new restaurant could be. The way the meal is laid out stimulates dialogue and Three Boars’ notoriety spread, sans-advertising, with talk of succulent dishes like smoked olives, elk and boar terrine, or scallops with pickled kale that would be there one day and gone the next. There’s such a plethora of recommendations that “you have to try …” is practically its slogan. So, with that in mind, you simply have to try Three Boars. (8424 109 St., 780-757-2600, —Caleb Caswell

Runner-Up >> THE COMMON

By now, we’ve come to expect middling food when we’re out for drinks. Average-tasting burgers, sandwiches and frozen fries are unspectacular accompaniments to our pints and cocktails. But, at The Common’s new 109th Street location, bar food has been turned on its ear. Delicate lamb hot dogs, delicious herbed fries and the square umami burger are decadent. And, a pub that can finish your meal with crème brûlée topped with pop rocks shows that it can be both playful and excellent. Set down the microwaved nachos — you deserve better. (9910 109 St., 780-452-7333, —Steven Sandor

Honourable Mention >> EAST

Ironically, you have to drive to the far north side of Edmonton to get to East, which is located in an area dominated by fast-food outlets. But the Malaysian-Chinese fusion restaurant easily stands out by focusing on very unique dishes inspired by Kuala Lumpur street food from owner Richard Lim’s upbringing. Also the owner of Wildflower Grill and Lazia, Lim, along with corporate chef Nathin Bye, secured the help of several Malaysian cooks in the kitchen to create dishes like the butter prawns, which come on a flash-fried bed of sweet egg floss. (16049 97 St., 780-457-8833, —Caroline Barlott

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    Three Boars

    Submitted 2 years 5 weeks ago

    Haven't had the opportunity to go to Common or East yet, but I must say, Three Boars is an amazing experience that you would swear would be twice the price if you just stepped into it for the first time. Everything is amazing, and the tapas style experience is awesome for 2 people+

    Amazing food and amazing people working there!
    I tried to remake their brussels sprouts... not even close.

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