Published Mar 4th, 2013

By Avenue Staff

Best Restaurants: Best Sushi

Whether it's sashimi or sushi you're craving, these three spots can't be beat

Mikado’s been around so long — since the early ’70s — that it could be considered a pioneer of sushi in the city.
Mikado’s been around so long — since the early ’70s — that it could be considered a pioneer of sushi in the city.

First Place >> MIKADO

Mikado has saved landlocked Edmontonians from a life without fresh fish since 1972, making it one of the first Japanese restaurants to open in Alberta. Since then, the number of sushi restaurants has grown considerably, but the pioneer has still left its mark with its array of rolls, maki, sushi, sashimi and bento boxes. It even imported a robata grill from Japan, so that chicken, beef and fish can be cooked at a really high temperature, while retaining their flavours. And when it comes to the classics, Mikado does them right. The dragon eyes roll, with salmon, green onions and tobiko, is expertly deep fried and paired with a creamy, fiery sauce. The massive avocado roll consists of several layers of creamy avocado wrapped around a mound of slightly sweet rice, with more fruit tucked within. Deep fried soft shell crab and avocado make up the spider roll, resulting in a unique flavour and crunchy texture. And its sashimi is some of the freshest in the city, ranging from thick hunks of salmon to slices of rich toro (tuna belly). (10350 109 St., 780-425-8096, —Sydnee Bryant

Runner-Up >> KYOTO

It’s easy to feel relaxed at Kyoto — no one is going to judge you for holding your chopsticks the wrong way in this informal atmosphere. Grab a booth, intimate table or even one of several private rooms to enjoy a well-rounded feast, starting with a large bowl of chuka salad. This light-tasting seaweed salad adds balance to your meal without spoiling your appetite for the main attraction — fish. Nibble on the salmon sampler, a popular mix of Atlantic, king, sockeye, steelhead, spring and Arctic char. If raw fish isn’t your preference, there’s always the zesty yuzu duck breast — thinly sliced duck topped with scallions and tart yuzu sauce. (10128 109 St., 780-420-1750) —S.B.

Honourable Mention >> SUSHI WASABI

Living out in the prairies, it’s difficult to come by the kind of fresh fish needed for delectable sushi. Some sushi restaurants, or sushiya, make up for this by either introducing nontraditional ingredients or by cooking their sushi, but Sushi Wasabi delivers its fish as originally intended: clean, simple and tasting like the sea. Owned and operated by the Yoshida family, each member was born and raised in Japan, meaning what you’re noshing at Sushi Wasabi is authentic nihonjin tradition with every piece of salmon that melts in your mouth. (5714 111 St., 780-433-0533) —Caleb Caswell

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  • Visitor

    Sumo-Sumo for the win!!!

    Submitted 48 weeks 4 days ago

    This restaurant in Sherwood Park is definitely worth the drive.

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    Submitted 1 year 6 days ago

    I guess the person that made this list never tried japanese food before.

  • Visitor

    furusato gets my vote

    Submitted 1 year 5 weeks ago

    I moved here from vancouver where there are many awesome sushi joints. while i haven't found/tried them all here in edmonton furusato is the best i've found yet, and yes i've tried your top two, they are not really contenders imo

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    Submitted 1 year 9 weeks ago

    horrible list

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    This list is awful. My fiance

    Submitted 1 year 13 weeks ago

    This list is awful. My fiance is Japanese and I lived there for an extended period of time, and we and our Japanese friends despise Mikado and Kyoto. Those are definitely Westernized mixed with Chinese-fusion rather than authentic or even good. But if that's your cup of tea, and especially if you've never been to Japan, I can't judge.

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    Submitted 2 years 6 weeks ago

    This list is embarassing. To quote something I read yesterday related to this:"If Tokyo Express is the McDonalds of Sushi, Avenue picked the Earls and Moxies"

    Mikado and Kyoto are alright...I guess. But there are so many better sushi restaurants in this city than that. Wasabi, you're "honourable mention" is hands down the best IMO, with other greats being Ichiban and Furusato. When you were so spot on with other choices in other categories, you absolutely FAILED in this one. Disappointed.

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    Submitted 2 years 6 weeks ago

    Yikes. Kyoto? One thing they've got going for them is consistency: consistently terrible service. Same thing every time: they bring your food with a few things missing or incorrect, then you never see them again and have to walk up to the front to request your bill. Garish decor which is somehow falling apart even though it was just renovated. Booths obviously constructed by amateurs without a familiarity with furniture design. Not recommended.

    Try Izakaya Tomo. Great new restaurant from a former Mikado chef. They've got all the staple sushi/sashimi choices if you want them, but the cooked dishes are the highlight here. Still slow/mediocre service, but hey, it's Edmonton - the bar is pretty low already.

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