Arts and Culture

  • Extraordinary Range

    A local composer gains worldwide recognition through his moving music

  • The Expert: What I Know About ... Electroacoustic Music

    Everything there is to know about this untraditional music form

  • Finding Roy Leadbeater

    Find the work of sculptor Roy Leadbeater in Edmonton and surrounding area.

  • Online Accolades

    Daniela Andrade's simple song covers bring internet noteriety.

  • Roy Leadbeater, Revisited

    He was abandoned as a child; he sailed the world as a member of the merchant marine; he was a police officer in Palestine. At 86, he remains one of Canada’s most renowned sculptors.

  • Crawl Helps Expose 124th St. Businesses

    So, with that added pressure on 124th Street, this year’s Red Shoe Crawl has a dual purpose; it helps kids and their families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta, and it helds advertise the independent restaurants and businesses of 124th Street.

  • Adios American Dream

    Leaving the corporate world behind to lead simple and more satisfying lives.

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