Arts and Culture

  • It's All in the Details

    Becoming a mom inspired Diana Davidson to tackle the complex themes of pregnancy and motherhood in her debut novel.

  • The Gift is in the Giving

    The CCMA will honour Canadian crooner Beverley Mahood for her charity work.

  • Street Art from the Start

    Celebrating 30 years of Edmonton's much-loved International Street Performers Festival

  • Baby, You're a Firework

    Edmonton's skies will light up with the glow of both fireworks and the High Level Bridge this Canada Day.

  • Wicked: Behind the Scenes

    Thirteen semi trailers and 80 crew members make for a back stage experience that's as exciting as what you see on stage.

  • High-School Pals Will Recreate L.A. Vibe in Edmonton

    While Sneazwell promises a modern Latin menu, which will include foie gras tacos, Peruvian-style ceviche and Spanish ham, the feel of the place is decidedly Los Angeles. 

  • Q&A: Marty Chan

    We speak with local author and funnyman Marty Chan about why his work is a "literary selfie."

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