Mini Mango

The same delicious Vietnamese fusion of Sweet Mango, but at a smaller location 

Address: 1056 91 St.
City: Edmonton, Alberta

Website: Mini Mango
Phone: 780-756-6464

Price: $5 - $10

Hours: Mon.-Tue. 11am-8pm Wed.-Sat. 11am-9pm Sun. 12pm-7pm

At Edmonton’s toes, where everything — especially the houses — is bigger, there’s an enclave of small businesses amongst the chain stores in the Market at Summerside. Cuddled inside the plaza, the littlest bistro, Mini Mango, is a mix of Vietnamese and Thai-inspired fast food in a playful setting that puts forks before chopsticks.

Mini Mango puts twists on bánh mì, the Vietnamese sub adopted from that country’s French colonial period. The baguette is wedged open with cilantro, shredded pickled carrots and sliced dry peppers. Its signature varieties include coconut chicken, beef or pork satay). The fresh, fluffy bread is lightly filled and spread with an egg-based aioli. Try the grilled lemongrass for a wholesome alternative — same meats, same price, but less salty.

Bypass the traditional soups and order the peanut satay bowl, which blends Vietnamese ph? and Thai garnishes in a strong beef or vegetarian broth with chili, dried shrimp and your choice of protein. I recommend tofu because the soft texture collaborates with the rice noodles and soaks up the flavours of the broth.

The mango salad, sweet enough to be a dessert, comes with four split spawns on a big bed of shredded mango for a ceviche-like taste. It’s sprinkled with crushed peanuts lightly dressed in vinaigrette. But, for a really sweet finish, get the banana and jackfruit spring rolls, which come out of the deep fryer piping hot and are served with a coconut rum sauce.


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