Published Feb 14th, 2013

Valentine's Day By the Numbers

Photo provided by Flickr.
Photo provided by Flickr.

Every February, hopeless romantics embrace red roses and gourmet chocolates, while cynics grumble about Valentine’s Day not being a “real” holiday.

Only one thing is certain: Edmontonians have strong opinions about the day, whether they celebrate it or not. Respondents to Avenue Edmonton’s online survey were divided on almost every issue relating to Valentine’s Day – for some it’s a holiday not to be missed, while others see it as just another day. 

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

63% Celebrate Valentine’s day if they’re in a relationship

25.9% Don’t celebrate

11.1% Celebrate even if they’re single.

Best spots to enjoy a romantic meal?

In no particular order: ViolinoFairmont Hotel MacdonaldThe CreperieCorso 32The Melting Pot and Café de Ville

How much are you willing to spend?

19.2% $0 to $25

15.4% $25 to $50

26.9% $50 to $100

15.4% $100 to $250

3.8% $250 to $500


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